Vllusion Electronic Cigarettes, Feel the Experience

The smoking scene has taken a significant evolution over the recent years. The introduction of electronic cigarettes has introduced development towards innovativeness never conceived by the smoking world. Vllusion electronic cigarette, blended e juice flavors, Tanks and Clearomizers, stands out as an excellent brand for all smokers.

Lab Tested with Strict Quaity Control

Based on quality alone Vllusion buyers should be certain of an excellent smoking experience. Vllusion's Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit incorporates all that the ecig consumers requirements for a fulfilling vape. The look, weight, feel and size portray how Vllusion's Electronic Cigarettes compare respectively to the quality that consumers want. Consumers who are in dire need of a lightweight product that is reliable and convenient have no need to look any further.

Vllusion Electronic Cigarette Kits

The Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits meet the needs of consumers. Consumers needs form the base of the company, their needs are given maximum consideration in line with the desired quality and safety. The variety of colors and choices that Vllusion offers its clients is a thing to revere and makes them stand from the crowd. Consumers have the opportunity to choose from different products that are always on special. The Vllusion Ego Series is a good fit for consumers who are travelling. The ecig lithium batteries can last a remarkable two days, when fully charged, all depending on one’s usage. It is also advisable for one to charge the spare battery to insure continuous smoking.

Vllusion E jucie Selection

The Vllusion electronic cigarettes also makes e juice, also referred to as eliquid. It comprises a mixture of propylene glycol, flavors, vegetable glycerin, and water. It is worth noting that the e juice is sold in flasks and cartridges that are disposable. V-juice, with all its flavors, is the name given to the eliquid at Vllusion. The taste of tobacco is a common, while others like coffee, candy, desserts and tea flavors. Signature flavors Italian Stallion, Jamaica Island, and Gummy Bear are a true representation of the variety of flavors offered by Vllusion. Numerous shoppers are justifiably concerned with where eliquids are produced, with their safety and quality. At Vllusion, our e-juices are produced in Canada with unique formulas, rich authentic flavor and thick vapor. Consistency of the quality offered is also ensured using sophisticated lab testing equipment specifically designed to insure a desired consistant quality. The Vllusion products are of the higest quality and contain featues not found in other brands.

Vllusion Value Kit

Whether you’re new to vaping or just want something small, convenient and portable, these kits are for you. Don’t be fooled by their size, these kits come with everything you need to get started at a very affordable price.

Vllusion Break Free Pro Kit

Our Break Free Pro kit includes the highly popular Vllusion Portable Charging Case (PCC) which will set you free from regular chargers Our (PCC) is the most convenient way to charge on the go.

Vllusion Rookie Kit

If you’re new to vaping and want to try Vllusions high quality products at a small price than this is the kit for you. ThIS kit comes with everything you need to begin your new satisfying vaping experience.

Vllusion Supreme Kit

The Supreme Kit is the most complete Vllusion Kit, it includes all of our chargers including the ecig usb charger along with a (PCC) charging case, it also comes with several batteries and cartridges.